1.081 Grilled Pork Galbi

-Cycle 1, Item 81-
27 March 2010

Grilled Pork Galbi

* * * *

at Bon-Ga (본가)

-Oksu, Seoul-

While this exact same dish at the exact same restaurant was the subject of the inaugural post (see 1.001 Grilled Pork Galbi), one additional comment concerns the ideal method of cooking galbi, which is to grill it over oak charcoal on a grill of some sort that minimizes the surface area in contact with the meat. The oak charcoal imparts a soft smoky flavor, unlike charcoal briquettes or gas flames. As for the grill, it allows for the fat and excess marinade to drip into the fire, which in turn prevents buildup of caramelization on the meat and leaves it crisp and light; the drippings also cause the fire to flare up on occasion, thus intensifying the smokiness.

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