1.140 Mapo Tofu with Chicken Breast

-Cycle 1, Item 140-
25 (Tue) May 2010

Mapo Tofu with Chicken Breast


by me

at home

-Oksu, Seoul-

Mapo tofu is a Chinese tofu dish.  It consists of cubed tofu and minced aromatics, and often ground pork, all stir-fried in a sauce consisting primarily of doubanjiang.  The spicy/salty/nutty flavor of the fermented bean paste pairs well with the soft/subtle/nutty flavor of the bean curd.  In Korea, where it's called "mapa dubu (마파두부)," the dish is almost always served over rice, only at the cheaper neighborhood Chinese joints, one of the cheapest items on the menu.

So easy to make at home, especially with a ready-to-cook sauce packet, just adding tofu and whatever ingredients happen to be on hand.  

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