1.161 Sundae in Ddeokbokki Sauce

-Cycle 1, Item 161-
15 (Tue) June 2010

Sundae in Ddeokbokki Sauce


at an unnamed food cart

-Sinsa, Seoul-

Ddeokbokki (떡볶기) is a Korean rice cake dish.  It consists of cylindrical rice cakes in a thick, sweetly spicy red chili sauce ("gochujang").  The name of the dish literally means "rice cake (ddeok) sauté/stirfry (bokki)."  Some of the cheaper establishments will use cakes mixed with or wholly consisting of flour, which I actually prefer for the chewier texture.  They're the quintessential Korean street food, representing Seoul the way that hot dogs do for New York.

I rarely order ddeokbokki on its own, just as an accompaniment to sundae, my street food of choice.  Any food cart worth its salt will throw in a few complimentary cylinders if asked for ddeokbokki sauce.

Riding bikes with MtG, looking for a place to eat dinner, knowing both of us could afford to skip a meal, we passed by a pickup truck selling sundae and ddeokbokki--and beer.  Couldn't resist.

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