1.165 Dak Juk

-Cycle 1, Dinner 165-
19 June 2010

Dak Juk (닭죽)

* * * *

by Yun YH

at Peace Dam


It's chicken porridge. In Korean, "dak" (닭) means "chicken," and "juk" means "porridge" (죽). Depending on the chef, it comes in a variety of styles: some thicker with rice, others brothier, some extravagant with vegetables, others more spartan, with or without egg, more or less or no sesame oil. While it can be made in and of itself as a stand-alone dish, chicken porridge often comes a part of another dish called "baeksuk" (백숙), which consists of boiling a whole chicken in water, the resulting stock and trimmings used for porridge at the end (see 1.022 Baeksuk with Parboiled Broccoli).

Despite the group's name, Backcountry Camping trips typically involve setting up base camp at an established campsite, where a lot of food and drink is consumed well into the night, followed the next morning by a half-day trek somewhere in the area. On this outing, for example, one couple brought a huge cauldron in which they boiled a gigantic chicken for baeksuk and then made this dak juk. It was the same couple, incidentally, who had impressed me with their array of dishes during our previous meeting last month (see 1.144 Barbecued Yang-Nyeom Galbi-Sal). I'm not complaining about the food, or drink, far from it, but the feasting just doesn't feel very backcountry.

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