1.198 Negi Toro Maki

-Cycle 1, Dinner 198-
22 July 2010

Negi Toro Maki

* * * *

at Sakanaya
(Chelsea Premium Outlets)

-Yeoju, GyeongGi-

My favorite roll (maki), negi toro maki, consists of diced scallion (negi) and minced fatty tuna (toro). Although I'm not the biggest fan of toro per se, which I find to be a bit too rich (both in taste and price), the sharpness of the raw scallion cuts through the fat to make a perfectly balanced combination of fresh and rich.

Sakanaya is a kaiten sushi restaurant, in which customers directly take plates of sushi and other items moving past them on a revolving conveyor belt, each color-coded plate tallied up at the end. In Korea, the system is referred to as "hoejeon-chobap" (회전초밥), which literally means "revolving" (hoejeon) + "sushi" (chobap). Most plates at most places are at least 3,500 won and anything worth eating is around 5,000 won and anything good comes close to 10,000 won, which means that, for example, 10 pieces of standard tuna would cost somewhere in the neighborhood of 25,000 won (5 plates x 5,000 won). The negi toro maki featured here was 5,000 won. Still, Sakanaya is one of the better dining options at this mall, an outlet mall located way out in the middle of nowhere. And my kid likes to grab things off the belt.

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