1.083 Deep-Fried Eggplant in Chili-Garlic Sauce

-Cycle 1, Dinner 83-
29 March 2010

Deep-Fried Eggplant in Chili-Garlic Sauce

* * *

at Ha-Ha

-Yeonnam, Seoul-

My second foray into the quasi-Taiwan/Chinatown located in and around the Yeonnam/Yeonhi (연남/연희) neighborhoods. As I noted in an earlier post on my first foray (see 1.063 Taiwan Shrimp), I appreciate the fact that the restaurants here offer dishes that aren't available in mainstream Chinese restaurants throughout the country.

Overall, this dish wasn't really a radical departure from any other deep-fried chili-garlic sauce dish, say with chicken, but the use of eggplant was unique (although I've seen eggplant on the menus at other restaurants in the area). At 12,000 won for the plate, definitely worth a try.

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