1.249 Dolsot Bibimbap

-Cycle 1, Item 249-
11 (Sat) September 2010

Dolsot Bibimbap

* * *

at Ggulbeol Kal-Guksu (꿀벌 칼국수)

-Seongsu, Seoul-

Essentially the same as regular bibimbap (see most recently 1.224 Bibimbap), but this variation is served in a sizzling hot earthenware pot that somewhat burns the rice at the bottom and gives it a slight crunch.  The vessel--dol (돌) (stone) + sot (솥) (pot)--also warms up the veggies a bit.  I've always regarded bibimbap as a salad of sorts, albeit a hefty one based on rice, so the idea of warming things up never really appealed to me.

For a restaurant that had two items on the menu--this and kal guksu (see generally 1.149 Chicken Kal-Guksu)--I was thoroughly unimpressed.

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