1.264 Gganpung Gi

-Cycle 1, Item 264-
26 (Sun) September 2010

Gganpung Gi (깐풍기)


at Daraehyeon (다래현)

-Dongduchon, Gyeonggi-

Gganpung is a Chinese cooking method.  It consists of breading/deep-frying pieces of meat--most commonly chicken, as here--then stir-frying them in a sweet-spicy-sour chili-garlic sauce.  It's one of the most popular preparations in the Korean-Chinese tradition.  Given the Korean tendency to bastardize foreign foods beyond recognition, I don't know whether "gganpung" in this form even exists outside of Korea.  The term derives from the Chinese "ggan (干 (or 乾?)) = "dry" + "pung" (烹) = "to boil," which doesn't help explain anything; "gi" = "chicken."

This was the second time I've eaten at this restaurant, both times on the way home from a camping trip. The first was by happenstance, the unbearable Sunday afternoon traffic leading me to pull over into the parking lot of a restaurant that boasted handmade noodles (see 1.117 Seafood Jjajang-Myeon). By sheer luck, I discovered the ultimate jjajang-myeon, my favorite food of all time. This time around, however, the jajang-myeon was completely different, good in its own right, but certainly not life-altering. As evidence of my disappointment, I showed the server the photo I'd taken on my previous visit.  Change of ownership, it turns out.

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