1.287 Grilled Ribeye

-Cycle 1, Item 287-
19 October 2010

Grilled Ribeye

* * * *

at Il-Pum Saeng-Gogi (일품생고기)

Oksu, Seoul

As we sat down at the table, trying to remember the last time we'd splurged on hanwoo (한우) (Korean beef) at a restaurant together as a family, neither of us could recall, it'd been so long. I had to look it up on my iPhone's Project 365 app. The most recent occasion had been on April 29 (see 1.114 Barbecued Ribeye), when we'd all gone out for dinner to say farewell to Nanny 2 (who's now back with us for the 3rd time, incidentally) on her penultimate evening with us.

 We used to be welcomed regulars at this restaurant, a local barbecue joint within walking distance of our apartment, mostly because the owner sells wine at cost but also for the quality of the meat at reasonable prices, about 30,000-35,000 won per 200 grams, which is relatively cheap by Korean standards. In fact, the unimaginative but reassuring name of the place literally means "top quality" (il-pum) (일품) "fresh meat" (saeng gogi) (생고기). On the negative, the restaurant employs gas grills, as opposed to charcoal, and their selection of side dishes is pitiful--both presumably to keep costs down. The main reason we stopped going was Dominic: when he got older and began eating people food, we found that another local barbecue restaurant, Bon-Ga, which has been featured 7 times in this blog to date (see most recently 1.256 Nurungji Tang), is better suited for feeding a toddler. Anyway, it was good to be back.

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