1.337 Roast Chicken

-Cycle 1, Item 337-
8 December 2010

Roast Chicken

* *

from Goobne Chicken

at home

-Oksu, Seoul-

Granted, I was still in recovery from my near-death experience the night before (see 1.336 Pork Jeon), so I didn't have such a great appetite, which is precisely the reason that I ordered roast chicken, something that's always a winner or at least never a loser in this house, but I made the mistake of ordering from Goobne Chicken (굽네치킨), a chain that I'd never tried before, and it didn't turn out so great.

So long as I'm writing about it, and this will certainly be the last time, I'll mention that goobne (굽네) is a play on the Korean word for "roast." In fact, when I was placing my order over the phone, I asked to confirm that what I'd ordered wasn't deep-fried, and the guy said, "We don't use any oils on any of our products." At the time, I found that hard to believe.

Anyway, I was influenced 100% by advertising, particularly the oh-so-cute TV commercial and catchy jingle performed a few years back by the immensely popular k-pop "idol group," Girls' Generation (소녀시대), in a now-discontinued marketing campaign (see TV spot for Goobne Chicken). Incidentally, I read in the newspaper that securing a chicken chain endorsement gig for celebs here in Korea is akin to athletes in the States landing a deal for a shoe brand or a soft drink or whatever they said on Jerry Maguire. What's surprising is that the commercial has been in my YouTube favorites list for years, and I still watch it every once in awhile, but I'd never gone to the trouble of writing down the nation-wide toll-free number to be used when that sudden craving for delivery chicken hits, which is not infrequent, at least twice a month. But we recently got some book full of delivery menus, and Goobne Chicken was in it, and so it happened.

Getting back to the chicken itself, it was dry and bland. That statement about not using any oils on their products, turns out it may be true.

As for the boiled egg, I have no explanation.

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