1.339 Bugeo Guk

-Cycle 1, Item 339-
10 December 2010

Bugeo Guk

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by me

at home

-Oksu, Seoul-

Called "bugeo guk" ("boo guh gook") (북어국) by the natives, this is a simple soup (guk) made by boiling water and adding strips of dried pollack (bugeo), bean sprouts, tofu, radish, leeks, garlic, and usually egg. I can see how it would make a fine breakfast, being so light and lean--Koreans consider it to be one of the better remedies for hangovers--but I'm thinking that it's a bit too light and lean for dinner, at least for someone with a normal appetite who's not on a diet, unless it's accompanied by a substantial main or a lot of additional sides. As I write this, I'm already considering chili dogs.

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  1. after a long weekend of holiday drinking this looks soooooo good right now..