1.358 Kimchi Jjigae

MEAL 1.358
29 December 2010

Kimchi Jjigae

by me

at home


* * * * *

Officially, the dinner menu for the evening had nothing to do with kimchi jjigae. Two of my cousins, Eelsun and Hyunjoo, sisters, were coming over, along with their husbands, all for the first time, so I wanted to do something special. In Korea, burritos are special. The plan was to offer a variety of burritos--shrimp, chicken, beef--which I felt fairly confident in making (see 1.296 Shrimp Scampi and Broccoli Burrito), in addition to guacamole and chips and veggie soup (see 1.024 Veggie Soup with Shredded Chicken) as appetizers. In the past, I had successfully pulled off fajitas for large, 10-guest dinner parties, so I figured this wouldn't be that much different. However, rolling multi-layered burritos took more time and effort than I'd anticipated, resulting in stop-and-go service. The delays between servings wouldn't have been so bad if the food had been better, making them worth the wait, but I used low fat sour cream and non-fat refried beans, which made the burritos somewhat blah. What with the pressure and the poor outcome, I didn't really feel like eating at the time. So, as soon as the guests had left, I whipped up a pot of kimchi jjigae, which I felt fairly confident in making (see 1.301 Kimchi Jjigae), and a pair of fried eggs, and that's when the real feast began. And judging by my wife's appetite, apparently she also hadn't eaten much of the burritos. We finished the whole pot in 10 minutes.

7 meals left.

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