2.008 Panini Caprese

13 (Thu) January 2011

Panini Caprese

* * * *

at Caffe Pascucci

-Sinchon, Seoul-


Even with the slightly toasted bread and the inclusion of some sort of cheese and some form of tomato (paste?), this sandwich doesn't really qualify as either panini or caprese. And though the photo doesn't provide scale, the thing was tiny; I finished it in exactly 8 bites. At 5,000 won, not cheap. Still, it was pretty good, price and size and ambiguous classification notwithstanding.

With about 40 hours remaining until my doctoral dissertation must be submitted for printing, I don't have the luxury of spending time in search of good eats--though apparently I'm allowing myself a few minutes to write about it.


  1. While watching Iron Chef America, I start wondering what exactly is the role of the chairman. Why is he even called the chairman? Isn't he B rated actor? He doesn't own the show, does he?

  2. i think the whole premise of the original show from japan was partly fictional--an imaginary cooking academy of master chefs where challengers would come to battle, kinda like an old kung fu movie. though the chefs are real, everything else is part of the fiction, like the "chairman" who supposedly founded the school. the japanese "chairman" is also an actor. the american guy is his "nephew."