2.016 Oyster Sauce Abalone with Baby Corn, Broccoli, and Straw Mushrooms

-Season 2, Supper 016-
21 (Fri) January 2011

Oyster Sauce Abalone
with Baby Corn, Broccoli, and Straw Mushrooms

* * * * *

by me

at home

-Oksu, Seoul-

with Wife, Dominic, and Nanny 2

One of my go-to dishes last year, I'm now fully confident that I've mastered it. The use of these particular vegetables, which I associate with Chinese food, particularly Chinese food in the States, made it even better, like an actual dish from a restaurant. But it wasn't cheap: the vegetables alone cost a total of about 12,000 won, while the abalone was worth in excess of 20,000 won. (Maybe this is why Chinese food cost so much here, an issue that I alluded to in a previous post (see 2.011 Deep-Fried Shrimp in Cream Sauce) and promised to discuss at length in the future.)


  1. Is oyster sauce made out of actual oysters? I am wondering about that since my wife hates oysters so whether I should never order any chinese food with oysters sauce.

  2. i believe oyster sauce contains oysters, though probably a tiny %. it tastes nothing like oysters, more like a thick, sweet soy sauce. most brown sauces in chinese restaurants in korea, and many in the states, are made with oyster sauce, whether or not the menu actually calls it "oyster sauce." something like oyster sauce beef will have absolutely no fishiness, and certainly no trace of actual oysters.