2.039 Kimchi Mari Guksu

-Season 2, Dinner 039-
13 (Sun) February 2011

Kimchi Mari Guksu

* * *

at Bon-Ga (본가)

-Oksu, Seoul-

with Wife, Dominic, and my parents

This dish, specifically the one at this restaurant, was featured on two prior posts last season (see 1.011 Kimchi Mari Guksu), so I won't describe it again here. Looking back, it's probably the single dish, the one at this restaurant, that I've eaten in whole or at least tasted on the most occasions in recent years. After all, it's the best menu item at our favorite neighborhood restaurant.

And now, my father insists on it every time he's in the neighborhood. The problem is, the restaurant only has a handful of menu options, so I need to be careful not to get stuck having to repeat myself.

Anyway, the noodles are usually excellent, but something was off tonight. Even Dominic, who isn't very familiar with the dish, it being a bit spicy for a 3-year-old, declared after one bite that the noodles were "boring."


  1. good lord, don't teach your 3 year old to use words like "boring" on a dish he isn't even that familiar with!

  2. actually, his comment was the subject of much debate during dinner. even i was a bit surprised that he would use such a figurative descriptor. when we asked him why he'd used the word (specifically, he said "심심해"), he just said the noodles didn't really taste much like anything. we concluded that he's now entering that stage where he can think in abstractions and assess relative values. very cool.

  3. that is very cool. We are trying to develop my daughter's palate but are in disagreement. I'm more of the 'start with jjuk, then work your way up slowly' and my husband is more 'let's give her a clove of garlic/a taste of sambal/some ribs' !!! ridiculous.