2.120 Pork Goulash

-Cycle 2, Item 120-
5 (Thu) May 2011

Pork Goulash


by WHO Food Service

at H Bekedam's home

-Makati, Manila-

with participants of the
WHO/WPRO Expert Consultation on Public Health Law

Rather than offer speculations on goulash, a dish that I'd never thought about, much less tasted, before this evening, I defer and refer to the description on Wikipedia (see entry on goulash).

In this case, my first experience, the goulash was very simply prepared: pork cross-cut ribs in a paprika sauce with whole black peppercorns, no carrots or potatoes or (visible) tomatoes. Quite nice, especially the peppery flavor. But the pork itself was a bit dry.

Henk Bekedam, the Director of the Health Services Development Division of the WHO Western Pacific Region, graciously hosted a dinner party at his home for the participants of the Expert Consultation on Public Health Law. (Among many, the main objective of the meeting was to establish a framework for assessing the state of health legislation throughout the region, which includes East Asia and the South Pacific.) The food was catered by the team that makes the cafeteria food for the WHO regional headquarters here in Manila. After dinner, he busted out his single malt collection--regretfully, I was too excited to get a photo.

What's kinda cool and yet a bit stuffy about WHO functions is that everything is so official. I received 23 emails just about my flight reservation, hotel accommodation, and per diem. Even the dinner was preceded by a printed invitation. I could go on at length about the questionable justification for allocating funds to make printed invitations while most countries/territories in the region are strapped for resources, but I won't. I'm still getting used to, but liking, the "Dr. Hahm" thing.


  1. indeed, dr. hahm does sound kind of cool.
    i hope to buy you your congratulatory drink over 4th of july in korea. not my favorite time of year to be in korea for sure, but looks like that is likely to happen. fyi.

  2. BTW, i didn't insist on the "dr." at WHO, they assume that any technical advisor/consultant/expert is a (medical) doctor. all my old name tags from prior trips read "Dr. Hahm." but this time it was legit (albeit not a medical doctor, i know).