2.170 Chicken a la King

-Cycle 2, Dinner 170-
24 (Fri) June 2011

Chicken a la King

* *

by me

at home

-Oksu, Seoul-

with Dominic

Chicken a la King--essentially: chicken, mushrooms, bell peppers, cream, sherry--is a classic American dish that's become something of a culinary clunker, a cliche along the lines of, say, tuna casserole without the retro chic of, say, mac & cheese. Even the quaintly grandiose name, whose origins are in dispute but which likely has nothing to do with actual royalty, now seems ironic. Many of the recipes that I found online were prefaced with comments about it being "a great way to use up leftover chicken." Personally, I can't recall a single instance of seeing the dish outside the frozen food aisle of the supermarket.

Quite possibly the final straw, this was the 4th attempt at realizing a recipe in Emeril's Delmonico, a cookbook that hasn't yielded much success in my kitchen. Including the previous three (see 2.163 Steak Diane, 2.153 Chicken Piccata with Basil Capellini, 2.152 Shrimp Remoulade), it's averaging 2.5 stars. Granted, I take responsibility for some of the problems in the final products, but I'm beginning to think either that the recipes are inherently flawed or that, if correct, they're simply not my style. Case in point, although I had no prior experience for comparison, the Chicken a la King here was way too rich and too heavy on the sherry for my liking.


  1. chicken a la king and steak diane... it's like you're trying to be a 60s housewife or something. I think you need to chuck that cookbook and get a better one.