2.219 Hwangtae Miyeok Guk

-Cycle 2, Item 219-
12 (Fri) August 2011

Hwangtae Miyeok Guk


at Hwangtae-Chon (황태촌)

-Yongpyong, Gangwon-

with Wife and Dominic

Miyeok guk (미역국) is a Korean soup. It's made with kelp (miyeok). The seaweed is typically sautéed with garlic and meat in sesame oil then boiled in water to create a thick and almost milky broth that's highly regarded as being rich in iron and other nutrients.   Among the most popular soups in Korean cuisine.  In fact, the soup is served as a matter of life-and-death to a new mother as part of her post-partum recovery regimen, a practice that I described in a prior post (see 2.157 Tofu with Crab). The soup is also served for breakfast on a person's birthday. Generally, it's more commonly found at home, though sometimes offered as a side dish along with a larger spread in restaurants but rarely as a separate menu item.

At Hwangtae-Chon (황태촌), however, the miyeok guk is one of the star attractions. The restaurant, which is located at the entrance to the Yongpyong Resort in Gangwon, specializes in dishes featuring hwangtae (황태), a type of dried pollack famed throughout the region. Accordingly, the miyeok guk here contains hwangtae instead of meat. As a result, the broth is significantly lighter while maintaining depth of flavor. It's perfection. We've been coming to this place for years, often on multiple occasions during a single trip, and everything every time is perfect. And reasonably priced--the miyeok-guk just 7,000 won--even though I'd be willing to pay through the roof for the food here.

Complimentary side dishes, which don't look all that impressive but are seasoned to perfection.

Complimentary hwangtae and tofu soup.

Complimentary tofu on a sizzling platter.

O-Sam Bulgogi (spicy squid and pork belly stir-fry), not complimentary but well-worth the 10,000 won per 200-gram serving (photo shows 2 servings).

Address: Gangwon-Do Pyeongchang-Gun Daegwanryeong-Myeon Hoenggye-Ri 358-5 (강원도 평창군 대관령면 횡계리 358-5)

Phone: 033-335-8885


  1. "Complimentary side dishes, which don't look all that impressive but are seasoned to perfection."

    looks pretty impressive to me, but then again, I always get excited when a korean restaurant gives you more than 5 banchans.

  2. what i meant was that the dishes aren't particularly fancy. but yes in terms of number and taste, they're impressive.