2.220 Shrimp Fried Rice

-Cycle 2, Dinner 220-
13 (Sat) August 2011

Shrimp Fried Rice

* * * * *

at Hong Kong

-Namyangju, GyeongGi-

with Wife and Dominic

As promised in a prior post on this restaurant (see 2.193 Jaengban Nakji Jjajang-Myeon), which has become my go-to place on the way back from excursions east, I returned for an opportunity to review their shrimp fried rice. In absolute terms, it's not a great fried rice but deserves 5 stars by simple virtue of it being the closest thing to authentic Cantonese-style Chinese fried rice that I've had in Korea. Whereas typical fried rice dishes in local Chinese restaurants are extremely bland, thus necessitating a side of black bean sauce (i.e., jjajang (짜장))--conversely, one theory holds that the fried rice is intentionally made bland because of the extra sauce--the rice here was perfectly seasoned with a touch of soy sauce, giving it deeper color and flavor. It also had that essential fire-licked smokiness from the wok, another characteristic that's often missing at other restaurants. A bit expensive at 7,000 won, considering its simplicity. But certainly good for what it is.


Known more for its ski slopes during the winter, Yongpyong Resort offers alternative attractions during the summer, such as the "mountain coaster." It's a single-seater roller coaster outfitted with a hand-operated brake that winds its way on a track via gravity down the mountain.

In between the C and T in "ac_ting," an E was removed,
so now it's perfect.

I mention the coaster only because I was astounded by the sign--astounded that, in this modern age, at a place like Yongpyong, this is the extent of their English.


Yesterday, we spent the afternoon at Peak Island, the water park, where I encountered an interesting dish called "Italian Cone Pizza" that I thought would be worth sharing here. In fact, I took a range of coverage photos in case I decided to use the dish as the featured item of the day.

The pizzas were available at a snack shop situated inside one of the pools, allowing customers to wade up to the counter and order and eat in the water. With 4 varieties to choose from, I chose bulgogi (불고기)--their best seller, apparently--if only to maximize the silliness of it all. Supreme, hot chicken, and bacon & potato were the other choices. In a cone that looked like and tasted not unlike an actual ice cream cone, the top half of the filling was a combination of cheese, meat, and vegetables (including corn, of course), no sauce discernible, while the lower half was nothing but mashed sweet potato (of course).

On order, the frozen cone was first defrosted in a microwave then finished off in a rotisserie oven that appeared to have been designed specifically for the purpose.

Obviously, it didn't taste anything like pizza, not even like Korean pizza even with the corn and sweet potato, but it was...cute.


  1. interesting...

    a jjajang sauce-less fried rice.

    I don't think I've ever had it in korea.

    a shame the place is in namyangju...

  2. though in namyangju, it's on the very edge, right off the highway, just as the northern expressway meets seoul. from oksu-dong, it's exactly 18.1 km. without traffic, just a 15-min drive. that's pretty close.