2.234 Bang-Bal Tofu

-Cycle 2, Dinner 234-
27 (Sat) August 2011

Bang-Bal Tofu

* * * *

by me

at my parents' home

-Bundang (Seongnam), GyeongGi-

with Wife, Dominic, and my parents

This involved the same nambangsu-sambal dressing as the "bang-bal chicken" from last week (see 2.227 Bang-Bal Chicken) but with tofu as the main ingredient. It was an entirely different dish, due to the tofu's inherently light flavor, which allowed the tanginess of the dressing to come through more prominently, and the use of cold tofu straight out of the container, which made it more like a salad. Also, the tofu came pre-fried, giving the surface a slightly yellow appearance and chewy texture, which was nice.

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