2.277 Tom Yam Kung

-Cycle 2, Item 277-
9 (Sun) October 2011

Tom Yam Kung

* * *

at Yum Thai

-Sinsa, Seoul-

with Wife and Dominic

The 3-star rating here is more a reflection of my aversion to this soup dish in general rather than a lukewarm appraisal of Yum Thai's offering per se. That said, the fact that it got 3 stars despite the personal bias is perhaps a testament to the overall quality of the food at this restaurant, which I reviewed with much enthusiasm in a prior post (see 1.156 Tamarind Duck). We ordered other dishes that I did enjoy, but I liked the presentation of the soup.

Earlier in the day, Dominic and I accompanied Lisa and Becca to the City Air Terminal for their flight back to the States. Language barriers notwithstanding, the two kids ultimately got along quite well. Now if only his dad and her mom could be so civil towards each other, then the world would be such a happier place. Anyway, we look forward to seeing them again soon, hopefully in LA.

[photo by Dominic]


  1. I thought it was spelled tom yum koong but that's okay. I hope it had shrimp in it. Do you just not like spicy soups?

  2. i've seen it spelled both ways. but lately, especially in korea, and in particular at this restaurant, they go with "tom yam kung." i don't know if thailand has yet to standardize their romanization.

    i like spicy soups, but i find tom yam kung to be a bit too tangy.

  3. That is like, the CUTEST picture ever of Dominic and Becca ~ xoxo

  4. well, as the Mommy o' Megs, you would certainly know about cute. thanks!