2.283 Saengseon Jeon

-Cycle 2, Dinner 283-
15 (Sat) October 2011

Saengseon Jeon

* * * *

at Seolmaene (설매네)

-Sinsa, Seoul-

with Wife, Dominic, and my parents

In prior posts, I've discussed both the basics of Korean pancakes, which are referred to collectively as "jeon" (전) (see 1.066 Assorted Jeon), and details about specific varieties, including my favorite, which is made from squash (see 2.132 Hobak Jeon with Soy-Sambal-Sesame Dipping Sauce).

Another common type of jeon is made from fish. While the Korean term "saengseon" (생선) means "fish," specifically in the sense of food (similar to "pork" or "beef" in English), saengseon jeon usually consists of pollack, which has a delicate flavor with a firm texture that doesn't crumble under all the handling involved. It's always included as part of an assorted jeon platter, whether in a restaurant or at home on special occasions, but I can't ever recall seeing saengseon jeon as an independent dish.

The saengseon jeon here was good, as is everything at this restaurant (see generally 2.271 Tangpyeongchae). 18,000 won--a bit pricey for what it is.

Dominic likes to apply his developing reading skills to restaurant menus. This was his choice. I was like, "You want... what?"


  1. one of my faves! this looks yummy.

  2. Seriously, D is a little guy after my own heart. I LOVE all kinds of jeon, though probably others more than fishjeon. Also, I have to say, I'm pretty cheap and I think 18,000 won is too much even for jeon!

  3. i like jeon as much as the next guy, but i never get very excited about it. maybe because it's always on the table at certain occasions and it always tastes pretty much the same.