2.328 Seolleong Tang

-Cycle 2, Item 328-
29 (Tue) November 2011

Seolleong Tang


at Deo Keun Jib (더큰집)

-Nonhyeon, Seoul-

with Wife and Dominic

Seolleong tang (설렁탕) is a Korean soup.  It consists of beef and noodles and rice in a milky white broth made from boiling miscellaneous beef bones for several hours.  In fact, the name of the dish derives from the Chinese "seol (설)(雪) = snow" + "nong (농)(濃) = intense/deep (applicable to color and flavor);" for reasons that I'm too lazy to determine, the "nong" has since evolved into "leong (렁)," but some older restaurants still use the original term.  It's similar to galbi tang, which involves a clearer stock made of rib bones.  Sliced scallion, plus salt and pepper and chili powder, are usually added to the broth in amounts according to personal preference just prior to eating.  The dish is one of the most popular and most common soups in Korean cuisine, a classic example of comfort food.

It was just the thing to help me get over what might've been food poisoning the day before.

Deo Keun Jib (더큰집) is a local landmark of sorts.  Open 24 hours.  They also offer barbecue dishes. Everything is available to-go in convenient takeaway packaging.  The basic seolleong tang is 8,000 won, which isn't cheap but also isn't entirely expensive.

Both the kimchi and leeks are provided at the table on a self-serve basis.

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