3.035 Animal Pasta in Meatball Mash Sauce

-Cycle 3, Item 35-
9 (Thu) February 2012

Animal Pasta in Meatball Mash Sauce


by me

at home

-Oksu, Seoul-

With Wife and Dominic

This so-called "meatball mash" sauce originated from an accident. Some time ago, while making a simple tomato sauce with meatballs, I discovered 30 minutes into the cooking that they'd disintegrated and turned the whole thing into a chunky ragu. I'd forgotten to add an egg as a binding agent to the initial meatball mix. But the result was quite pleasing, the bread crumbs and milk providing a softer texture and rounder flavor. It was a big hit with the kid. Now, I add bread crumbs and milk on purpose to achieve the same effect.


  1. i like the reverse-plating method (sauce on bottom, pasta on top. hope you remembered to tremove the oh-so-decorative bay leaf before you served dominic.

  2. yes, the bay leaf wasn't such a great idea.