3.225 Chicken Pot Pie

-Cycle 3, Item 225-
17 (Fri) August 2012

Chicken Pot Pie

* *

at Costco 

-Yangjae, Seoul-


Being the first chicken pot pie that I've had in my life, this could be regarded simultaneously both as the best and the worst one ever.  However, it was so awful that "best" just doesn't make any sense.  Granted, I don't know the first thing about the dish, but Costco's offering couldn't possibly be right.  The crust was brittle (not enough butter).  The (weirdly grey-colored) broth/sauce was watery.  The chicken (from a can) was crumbly.  All of it was cold and flavorless.  By the time I was done shopping near closing time, chicken pot pie was the only item available in the food court.  In fact, I got the second-to-last one, which made me feel lucky.  Until I took a bite.  And at 5,000 won per pie, it was ridiculously overpriced, most other ready-to-go foods at Costco being equally bad but relatively cheap.  

In a prior post that attempted to explain why I continue to eat the crappy food at Costco (see 3.151 Variety Sushi Roll B), I predicted that it wouldn't be the last time.  Neither will this.


  1. that looks awful. i hope it didn't cost you more than KRW 3,000.

  2. it cost 2,000 won more than 3,000 won, as i've added to the post.

  3. please post something else; this is gross. It looks like chicken vomit. It's very sad that this was your very first chicken pot pie.

  4. well, imagine how good it'll be when i get a real chicken pot pie someday.

  5. You should make one; it's really easy and you have used all of the ingredients before!

    I wonder why I even bother, seeing as how you never use ANY of the other recipes I've given you...

  6. yes, you're right that it's probably very easy. but i don't think chicken pot pie is really my kind of thing, even if done right. for one thing, i don't like pastry.

    you're also right that i keep flaking, no pun intended, on doing the recipes you give me. how about this: you give me a recipe, and i SWEAR i'll be your bitch and do it this weekend (so long as i can reasonably acquire the key ingredients--e.g., no venison or fermented quinzaong beans). though i don't really see how this would benefit you, so never mind if it's a dumb idea.

    lisa and i did this thing awhile back where we'd agree on a common ingredient (e.g. shrimp) and then see what each other would come up with, sort of a la iron chef. we did it a few times but then found it difficult to match our schedules. u wanna try it?

  7. Yes, to you being my b*tch :) How could I pass up such a valuable opportunity? How fun!

    I'll also try a little Iron Chef-type battle although my schedule is sometimes crazy busy... it has to be when I actually have the time to take it seriously, otherwise I'll end up doing something lame. You can have first choice and choose the ingredient.

  8. for the being-your-bitch challenge, i'll do my best to make it the next time I cook, after i get your recipe.

    as for the iron chef challenge, i think lisa and i did chicken and beef, and agreed on shrimp but never followed through. so let's do shrimp. you can take your time, make your dish whenever you can, and send me the photo via email (, which i won't open until i make mine, sometime soon thereafter. i'll post the photos together. good luck! (maybe we should see if lisa wants to get in on the action.)

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    1. okay okay I changed my mind! I still want you to make a meatloaf but this is the one you should make:

      (And you may still eat it with vegetables and rice or make it into a sandwich.)