3.247 Pan-Fried Brisket with Mixed Greens in Oriental Dressing

-Cycle 3, Item 247-
8 (Sat) September 2012

Pan-Fried Brisket with Mixed Greens in Oriental Dressing


by Cho JH

at their home

-Oksu, Seoul-

with Cho JH, Choi SW, Hwang SE, Jeong D, Kim KH, Lee HS, Yong I, Yun YH

I suggested getting together for a night of poker.  Jinhee and Kiho volunteered to host the game at their apartment.  Jinhee cooked dinner.  We played. We drank.  I woke up. It was 2PM.  I was in my own bed.  I couldn't remember a thing.  I'd gotten so sloshed that the blackout had gone retroactive and erased memories prior to the point of intoxication.  On a positive note, I discovered a big fat wad of cash on my dresser.

For dinner, Jinhee fried up some slices of brisket, placed them on a bed of mixed greens, and drizzled everything with Oriental Dressing, a bottled sweet & sour sesame-soy sauce from Pulmuone.  It was very good.   

The view from their apartment, located at a perfect angle on a turn in the river, creating a unique perspective of the bridge and expressway intersecting in an X formation, perhaps the best view in the city, especially when Dongho Bridge and Oksu Station are illuminated at night.


  1. glad you had the wherewithal to take photos of the meal before getting sloshed. otherwise this blog could have been ruined!

  2. well, the blog was already ruined last year, when i got sloshed at camping and left my phone in the rain, allowing it too to get sloshed and losing the photos for the past 2 evenings.

  3. oh my god, that sounds like the Ki you were in college (retroactive blackouts)

  4. my entire first year of law school was a retroactive blackout.

  5. why don't you up the ante and call the formative years of your life (for example ages 10-30) were one retroactive blackout. Oh my god, stop me if I'm being too mean but this is fun. :)

  6. what's fun, using cutesy puns like "up the ante" in a post about poker?

    anyway, i had several moments of clarity between the ages of 10-30.

  7. I didn't even realize I did that! This is even more fun than I originally thought. What do you have against puns? and I would argue that I never said you couldn't have moments of clarity in a blackout. Maybe you're still in the blackout and only THINK you're having moments of clarity (and this blog helps you)...

  8. i no longer have any idea what you're talking about.

    (i have nothing against good puns.)