3.248 La Mian in Scallion Oil

-Cycle 3, Item 248-
9 (Sun) September 2012

La Mian in Scallion Oil


at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao

-Myeongdong, Seoul-

with Wife and Dominic

La mian is a type of Chinese noodle ("mian") (see Wikipedia's entry on la mian).  Basically, it's made by taking a piece of dough, usually simple flour, pulling it ("la") by hand into a long strand then folding it in half, and repeating the process multiple times, each time doubling the number of strands, which get thinner with each iteration.  Due to the intensive working of the dough, including slamming the strands on the countertop in between pulls, the resulting noodles are extremely chewy.  The technique is employed in some Chinese restaurants in Korea, where the noodles are referred to as "suta myeon" ("hand-struck noodles") (see most recently 3.215 Jjajang Myeon).  Incidentally, the term "la mian" is thought to be the origin of "ramen," according to some sources, including my Macbook dictionary and Collins English Dictionary (via, though Wikipedia offers some interesting alternatives (see Wikipedia's entry on ramen). 

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao--part of the Singapore-based Crystal Jade empire that owns/operates Chinese restaurants of varying types throughout the world--specializes in la mian, as well as the chain's claim-to-fame xialongbao (see 3.187 Xiaolongbao).  Since my first Crystal Jade experience in Hong Kong (see 2.332 Sauteed Gailan with Ginger), which directly gave rise to my current obsession with xialongbao in general and Crystal Jade's xialongbao in particular, I've become a regular customer at Crystal Jade Shanghai Delights, a more casual outlet with a smaller/cheaper menu (no la mian) located on the restaurant floor of Hyundai Department Store in Apgujeong-Dong (see most recently 3.213 Ddan-Ddan Myeon).  The wife and Dominic are also ardent fans.  So, while we were in Myeong-Dong to buy the kids some new clothes at H&M, located by happy coincidence in the same building as Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao, where to eat dinner was a no-brainer.

The crab & pork xialongbao (3.0), more expensive but not as good as the standard.

La Mian with Tomatoes & Scrambled Eggs ("Shanghai Style") (1.5)

This la mian dish blew me away.  Initially, my curiosity was piqued by seeing a "chef''s recommendation" symbol affixed to a menu item, the description and photo for which didn't inspire any confidence.  But when I asked the server about it, she was unequivocally enthusiastic, acknowledging that it didn't sound or look like much while assuring me that it was amazing beyond belief.  She was right.  The scallions (daepa (see generally 3.154 Stir-Fried Buchu & Eggs)) were sliced thin and fried in oil to a perfect, almost-burnt crisp, resulting in an intensely bittersweet garlicky flavor, further enhanced with the addition of soy sauce and white pepper.  The noodles were tossed in the oil and served in a large bowl with the onion topping, plus a sprinkle of dried shrimp powder.  It was accompanied by a chicken broth that could be poured sipped separately or poured into the bowl to make a noodle soup according to personal preference.  I tried it both dry and soupy, and both were excellent.  Simple and amazing.  Totally unique.  And just 8,000 won.  

With the chicken stock.

Address: Seoul Jung-Gu Myeong-Dong 83-5, Noon Square Building, 6th Floor (서울시 중구 명동 83-5)
Telephone: (02) 3783-5428


  1. looks so simple. think it can be recreated with any degree of success at home??

  2. btw, ki, i got my hands on an apple product, possibly before you for the first time in my life - iphone 5 is super light an so far i love it. it could also be that the home button on my old phone was not working properly so i'm just glad to have any iphone that works right.

  3. well, obviously, i couldn't really do the noodles. but maybe something close with the daepa. in fact, i've already tried a few experiments browning daepa as a base aromatic. but of course, something so seemingly simple can be deceptive. cooking the daepa just a tad too much burns them, leaving an unpleasant flavor.

    thanks for the iphone update! of course you'd get it first, since they haven't even announced a release date for korea. i'm sooo sick of my iphone 3GS.

  4. Agree with Lisa; it must be good if you have it so many stars but the pictures look a little blah and looks so simple.

  5. the wife adamantly insists that it wasn't worth 6 stars (to the extent that she knows what that means, since she never reads the blog), also because it was too simple. i was inclined to give it the extra star BECAUSE it was so simple, and yet so good--the surprise factor. otherwise, i admit, it was probably just 5, but a solid 5.