3.253 McSpicy Deluxe Snack Wrap

-Cycle 3, Item 253-
14 (Fri) September 2012

McSpicy Deluxe Snack Wrap


at McDonald's (E-Mart)

-Seongsu, Seoul-


Despite my persistent vows to stop eating the crappy limited-time-offer items at McDonald's (see most recently 3.188 Taste of Australia: BBQ Burger with Taste of Asia: Shake-Shake Fries), I know that I never will.  It's those goddamn in-store advertisements.  

While the snack wrap in general has been a regular menu item at McDonald's Korea outlets for quite some time, this McSpicy Deluxe version is new.  It features a piece of slightly spicy deep-fried chicken, plus shredded lettuce, mayonnaise-like sauce, and a slice of bacon, which is what makes this baby "deluxe" (see 2.281 Bacon Tomato Deluxe), all wrapped in a cold stiff tortilla.  2,000 won--a total ripoff. 

The regular snack wraps, available either in beef or chicken, aren't spicy and don't include bacon.  1,200 won each--also not worth it, but not quite as much a ripoff.  


  1. that is the saddest thing I've seen in a long time...

  2. I'm pretty sure the last time I had a regular one it featured bacon (I haven't tried the beef one). The only difference I can see is a mayo-like sauce instead of the standard honey mustard.

  3. whatever the case, these just weren't very well thought out. i mean, the cold tortillas are a dead giveaway. it's like how a lot of burger joints here don't toast the buns, or melt the cheese, or cook the bacon.

  4. EWWWW cold tortillas? cheese not melted? bacon not cooked? Do they make the food in a cave?

  5. they just don't have a clue. (but the better places do.)