3.257 Mackerel & Potato Stew

-Cycle 3, Item 257-
18 (Tue) September 2012

Mackerel & Potato Stew


by me

at home

-Oksu, Seoul-

with Wife, Dominic, and Nanny 8

My second dish from Ferran Adria's The Family Meal (see most recently 3.240 Pork Loin with Roasted Peppers).

As noted in the recipe, "[t]his dish is a suquet, a traditional Catalan fish stew with a simple sauce of tomatoes, paprika, and parsely."

While it turned out much better than that first one--at last, something non-Korean that I can do with mackerel--the dish still failed to impress.  As mentioned before, I realize that the book itself purports to be about nothing more than simple foods that can be prepared in mass quantities--a family of 75, for example--but still.  I keep hoping for a glimmer of greatness.  

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