3.265 Boiled Buchu-Egg-Shrimp Mandu

-Cycle 3, Item 265-
26 (Wed) September 2012

Boiled Buchu-Egg-Shrimp Mandu


by Nanny 8 (and me)

at home

-Oksu, Seoul-


Seeing as how I'd enjoyed them so much before (see 3.261 Pan-Fried Buchu-Egg Mandu), our nanny decided to make the dumplings for me again, just 4 days later.  If only to avoid eating the exact same thing twice in such a short interval, I suggested adding shrimp as a variation on the theme.  Although it went somewhat against the concept of simplicity that she'd espoused for these dumplings, she couldn't really object.  I thawed some frozen shrimp from the freezer, minced them, seasoned them with soy sauce, grated ginger, and white pepper, and added them to her basic buchu and egg stuffing.  She did the rest like before.  Only this time, she boiled them.   In the end, the mandu turned out okay, but no better than the previous batch, despite the extra shrimp.  Maybe we hadn't used enough shrimp, but the flavor just didn't come through.  And being boiled, I missed the crunch of the pan-frying.   


  1. I find it comical that you hire these nannies to work for you but they don't seem to want to listen to you (like for example if you had said, "I liked the way you made them before but this time add shrimp" why would she boil them instead? )

  2. actually, she had boiled them the time before, but then pan-fried them to reheat. maybe it was the double cooking that did something to the skins.

    but yes, our nannies really don't listen to me when it comes to cooking. they'll refrain from doing something if i tell them not to, but they won't affirmatively do something that i tell them to.