3.266 Chapaghetti

-Cycle 3, Item 266-
27 (Thu) September 2012



by me

at home

-Oksu, Seoul-


With so much work to do this evening in preparation of my trip to Cambodia tomorrow (like updating this damn blog), I didn't get home in time to order and eat jjajang myeon for dinner, as I usually try to do before stepping on an airplane (see most recently 3.241 Jaengban Jjajang Myeon).  

Fortunately, we had a pack of Chapaghetti in the pantry.  It's an instant noodle product that's supposed to taste like jjajang myeon.  It doesn't.  It just tastes like Chapaghetti.  The name is a portmanteau of "jja(jang)," the "cha" derived from an older standard of transliteration, and "(spa)ghetti." Having been around for decades, the product is still very popular.  The Wife likes to have it as a snack on occasion, which is why we usually have a couple in stock.  For some reason, backpackers like to make Chapaghetti for lunch on the mountain.  I've never been much of a fan myself, although I did enjoy a bite of it here and there from time to time.  Tonight may have been the first time that I've had it in years.  Unfortunately, it was worse than I remembered.  Bland yet salty.  Chemical aftertaste.  Alas, yet another food in which I can no longer find pleasure.  In this case, though, I suppose that's a good thing--who really needs to be eating crap like this, even if it has olive oil?

This is the 999th meal of the blog overall.  The 1000th will likely be on the plane heading for Phnom Penh.  Hopefully, I'll be able to post upon my arrival.  Wouldn't that just be the biggest bitch ever if the plane went down before I could get to 1000?


  1. (1) Travel safe!!!
    (2) My mom made some new-fangled version of chappaghetti for my daughter today and it tasted so gross. Of course, Megan loved it.

  2. (1) thanks! see u on the other side.
    (2) don't get me started on the other types of instant jjajang myeon. curious, how good is megan with korean food? like, if you give her rice and doenjang guk, would that constitute a satisfactory meal for her?

  3. that would be an awesome meal for becca. rice and doenjang guk, not chapaghetti.

    btw you are so morbid. although i always do worry about the plane going down when i'm on it, i don't remind myself that it might go down by eating a specific meal before i get on a plane every time. but if you really had to, they have jjajangmyun at the airport you know.

  4. i'm just curious about how korean-american kids' appetites develop. with D, even though i made a conscious effort to make his palate more diverse, and it paid off because he's amenable to any kind of food, he naturally prefers korean food, simple things like rice and soup.

    the last meal is symbolic. looked at positively, maybe it's even an ironic celebration of the (usually) joyous prospect of traveling.

  5. I love 짜파게티. There are days I crave this stuff over regular jjajangmyeon. I think it goes awesome with really ripe kimchi.