3.273 Ssam Bap Jeongsik

-Cycle 3, Item 273-
4 (Thu) October 2012

Ssam Bap Jeongsik


at Bon-Ga [본가]

-Oksu, Seoul-

with Wife, Dominic, and Ian

I've discussed this neighborhood restaurant in numerous prior posts (see most recently 3.192 Sundubu Jjigae with Clams), including one that described the same dinner set as this evening (see 1.005 Grilled Samgyeopsal) and another that focused on the all-important ssamjang topping included therein (see 2.238 Grilled Samgyeopsal with Ssam and Haemul Ssamjang).  What I didn't mention before is that the set is called "ssambap jeongsik" in reference to a complete ("jeong") meal ("sik") that features the popular practice of using raw leafy greens as a wrap ("ssam") for various items, such as rice ("bap") and/or ssamjang, as well as grilled meats.  I won't go into further details here beyond providing a few additional photos with comments below. 

After 6 consecutive meals overseas (see most recently 3.271 Pho Ga), it was really good to be back in Korea eating Korean food, though I'm sure that I'll be sick of it again come tomorrow.  

haemul ssamjang

raw leafy greens

 Side dishes ("banchan") (clockwise from top left): buchu jeon, flash-pickled radish, kimchi, stir-fried anchovies and chilies, seasoned mung bean muk.

doenjang jjigae and gyeran jjim

 400 grams of frozen pork belly ("samgyeopsal").

Despite all the surrounding fat, the meat tends to dry out during the cooking process.

By contrast, fresh pork belly...

...stays juicy.