3.324 P31bO/Italy(24): Pasta Fresca in Meatball Mash Sauce

-Cycle 3, Item 324-
24 (Sat) November 2012

P31bO/Italy(24): Pasta Fresca in Meatball Mash Sauce


by me

at home

-Oksu, Seoul-

with Wife and Dominic

Italy is the 24th consecutive country to be featured in the on-going Project 31 By Origin (see previously 3.323 P31bO/Peru(23): Cebiche Mixto).

So long as I was doing P31bO/Italy at home, I wanted to make it count, so I tried making my own pasta for the first time ever.  The dough itself was simple enough, just flour, egg yolk, water, olive oil, and salt.  For added authenticity, I used durum semolina recently acquired at great expense for this very purpose from the high-end supermarket SSG (see generally 3.306 Authentic Seafood Paella).  Everything was initially pulsed in a food processor, then kneaded by hand to the proper consistency, and set aside for an hour.  The lack of a pasta maker forced me to roll out the dough with a pin, which was such a literal pain that I gave up before achieving the desired degree of uniform thickness.   By that point, no longer too concerned with uniform width, I cut the sheets roughly into strands of varying sizes, some like linguine, others like fettuccine.  Meanwhile, I prepared my signature ragu (see generally 3.035 Animal Pasta with Mushrooms in Meatball Mash Sauce) because I had a basketful of tomatoes and a bowlful of ground pork and beef that needed using, even though I would've preferred something more subtle to allow the pasta itself to shine.

Fortunately, the pasta shone just fine.  The flour made it luxuriously soft yet fiercely chewy, a mouthfeel impossible to attain in dried pasta, even if cooked to perfect al dente.  And the random noodle dimensions, both in thickness and width, provided each bite with a sense of surprise from the textural unpredictability--which is exactly what I appreciate most about Korean-Chinese hand-pulled noodles (see most recently 3.215 Jjajang Myeon).  Dominic took one bite and asked, "Daddy, what is this?!?!"  

Actually, the initial plan had been to feature these mini zucchini frittata, but they didn't turn out so great. 


  1. yum...that looks good. i made pasta once. i even have a pasta cutting machine. ultimately i think it was too much work though.

  2. did you post the recipe for the sauce sometime before? where? i want to try to make the sauce please.

  3. this is one of those sauces that i just make without a set recipe. but i promise to someday work out a specific formulation and post it here.