3.339 P31bO/Nepal(39): Nepali Set - Mutton

-Cycle 3, Item 339-
9 (Sun) December 2012

P31bO/Nepal(39): Nepali Set - Mutton


at Everest

-Dongdaemun, Seoul-

with Wife and Dominic

Nepal is the 39th consecutive country to be featured in the on-going Project 31 By Origin (see most recently 3.338 P31bO/France(38): Supremes de Volaille à Blanc with Asparagus).

Everest, as the name would suggest, is a Nepali-themed restaurant.  By "themed," I'm talking about the interior design elements--a lot of kitsch from Kathmandu.  The food, if it had to be attributed to any country, would predominantly be characterized as "Indian."  I noted this apparent identity crisis in a prior post concerning the restaurant (see most recently 1.223 Chicken Tandoori).  When I asked the owner about something more distinctively "Nepali," he seemed almost apologetic in describing Nepal as a small country strongly influenced in terms of cuisine by its bigger neighbor India.  Fortunately, a back page of the menu featured 3 Nepali set meals: mutton, chicken, vegetarian.  So, with respect to P31bO/Nepal, I was covered.

The mutton set was pretty good.  It came with 10 items.  On a small thali platter: (i) steamed rice--blah--unfortunately the local medium grain, not the longer grain common to South Asia, like basmati; (ii) lentil soup--okay--which was vaguely reminiscent of nurungji tang (see generally 1.256 Nurungji Tang); (iii) a masala-style mutton curry--nice; (iv) potatoes, tossed lightly in a spicy curry--very nice; and (v) a hot sauce--very nice.  The owner suggested combining all 5 components on the platter so that each bite had a bit of everything.  Separately, the set also came with: (vi) pickled radish, the yellow kind found in cheap Chinese or Japanese restaurants here, only mixed with curry spices to make an intriguing side dish, just perfect for Korean customers; (vii) yogurt dipping sauce; (viii) sesame papadum; (ix) sliced carrots; and (x) sliced cucumbers.  An unbeatable bargain at 10,000 won, proving that Everest remains the best bang-for-buck India/Nepali/South Asian restaurants in the city.

curried pickled radish

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