3.347 My Aunt's Spread for Family Gatherings, Every Time

-Cycle 3, Item 347-
17 (Mon) December 2012

My Aunt's Spread for Family Gatherings, Every Time


by my aunt

at my aunt & uncle's home

-Seongsu, Seoul-

with Wife, Dominic, Mom & Dad, and various maternal-side relatives

As noted in many prior posts (see most recently 2.348 Ganjang Gejang), my mother's side of the family gathers a few times a year for various occasions.  The venue is usually at the home of my mother's older brother, the oldest male in the family.  Whenever it's there, the spread prepared by my aunt is always exactly the same.  For this post, instead of focusing on her famous soy-pickled crabs, I've decided to show the entire spread, each and every dish (crap, I just realized that I failed to take a photo of the final course, muu guk (see generally 1.322 Muu Guk), which I hadn't even seen because my cousins and I had excused ourselves from the table and gathered in the kitchen by that point to concentrate on drinking--next time, I'll feature the soup on its own).

namul: spinach (left), gosari (fernbrake) (right)

jeon: green chilies stuffed with minced pork (top), squash (bottom)

shrimp tempura

kimchi: radish (left), napa cabbage (right)

shredded and seasoned daepa (large scallion) as an accompaniment for the grilled beef

the famous ganjang gejang

steamed crab (for my father, who doesn't eat the pickled stuff)

Whereas the elders drink soju throughout the meal, the younger generation starts off with whisky, until it runs out, whereupon we become soju drinkers as well.

The aftermath.

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