3.351 Scraps from 1 Stock for 100 Soups

-Cycle 3, Item 351-
21 (Fri) December 2012

Scraps from 1 Stock for 100 Soups


by me

at home

-Oksu, Seoul-


In concocting a batch of vegetable stock to try out a few more recipes from the cookbook 1 Stock, 100 Soups (see most recently 3.341 Bauernsuppe), I was straining the components through a colander when the notion of crushing the remaining solids to extract a few additional drops of liquid (albeit with a bit more flavor) and then throwing the mashed remains away seemed rather wasteful.  Especially the potatoes and carrots, which were just at the point of being tender yet firm and already imbued with the fragrance of the other aromatics, making them reasonably tasty with a sprinkle of salt and pepper.  Indeed, the resulting liquid is more like a soup than a basic stock and could be eaten as such.  Not that I'd make a regular meal of it.  Incidentally, I'm aware that a self-respecting Frenchman would probably never eat scraps like this, or at least admit to it (but the stock per se is French(ish) in origin).

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