4.005 Dominic's Winter Break Homework Hotdogs

-Cycle 4, Item 5-
10 (Thu) January 2013

Dominic's Winter Break Homework Hotdogs


by me

at home

-Oksu, Seoul-

with Dominic

Among the various homework assignments that Dominic had to complete over the winter break, one required making a kimchi-based dish and documenting/photographing the process.  Wheelhouse.  For the first time ever, I was offered a worthy reason to demonstrate an active interest in my son's academics.  Recognizing his affinity for hot dogs and recalling the kimchi dogs that I'd tried early last year (see 3.029 Kimchi Dogs), I decided to develop a kid-friendlier version by rinsing the kimchi and further mellowing the flavors with boiled eggs and mayonnaise.  When I pitched the idea, he mulled it over in silence for a moment, which I accepted as assent and approval to put the plan into action.  Tasting the final product, he proclaimed it to be the best thing ever, although he would only finish half (he can usually down two whole hotdogs in as many minutes where only ketchup is involved).  Oh well.  Later, as I was dictating the written report to him, Mrs. Buttinsky got involved to object at my insistence that he describe the hotdogs as Hebrew Nationals. 


  1. Wow, where did you get your hands on Hebrew Nationals in Seoul?!

    I'm most definitely craving a proper hot dog!

  2. first, cooking hot dogs is hardly academic. second, why are you dictating the report?
    third, do you dictate in korean or english?
    lastly does dominic give a crap about the fact that the hot dogs are hebrew nationals, as opposed to, say, nathan's or oscar meyer?? i'm guessing no, so the argument between you and the mrs. is for naught.

  3. @Anonymous: another reader asked the same question when I did a similar dish last year. my response can be found in the comments under that post (see the hebrew nationals here i purchased at Foreign Market in Itaewon, on the hill leading up from the fire station, heading up to the mosque. incidentally, based on 1 visit thus far, Foreign Market seems to be a great resource for imported goods, reasonable prices. thanks for reading!

    1. Great! thanks for the info! i enjoy your blog a lot! i especially love the back and forth on the comment boards! very entertaining lol

  4. @Lisa: i was going for obnoxious irony in the story, like how a dad might take over his kid's science project. don't you know me better than that??