4.020 Hwangtae Miyeok Guk

-Cycle 4, Item 20-
25 (Fri) January 2013

Hwangtae Miyeok Guk


at Hwangtae Chon

-Pyeongchang, Gangwon-

with Wife, Dominic, the families Ka, Shin, Yun

4th Annual Retreat with D's Former Daycare Families, Day 2 (see previously 4.019 Grilled Ribeye).

Yet another dish that drops here to 3.0 from a lofty 4.0 in a previous post (see 2.219 Hwangtae Miyeok Guk).  Just a few days ago, I was lamenting the same thing concerning a different dish (see 4.018 Bossam).  In this case, I'm fervently hoping that the lesser satisfaction can be attributed to the cheeseburger that I'd eaten at the ski lodge an hour prior (to fuel up for a few more runs, which I was forced to forego when the kids all abruptly quit their group ski lesson early; with nothing else to do, the group elected to go for dinner in the late afternoon).  The thought of my culinary institutions crumbling around me is both sad and frightening.  

 A common sight throughout the region, hwangtae being dried in the winter air, right next door to the restaurant (though I don't know if these fish belong to the restaurant).

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