4.068 Mackerel & Potatoes in Kerala Masala

-Cycle 4, Item 68-
14 (Thu) March 2013

-Sri Lankan-
Mackerel & Potatoes in Kerala Masala


by me

at home

-Oksu, Seoul-

with Wife and Dominic

Tonight's dish was made with a packaged curry paste.  Despite the Indian appellation--Kerala being a state on the southwestern tip of India--the product is of Sri Lankan manufacture--Sri Lanka is located nearby off the southeastern tip.  I acquired the paste along with several other Sri Lankan foodstuffs at a supermarket in Colombo last October (see generally 3.294 Mackerel & Potatoes in Whitened Red Curry).  This curry turned out much better than previous attempts with other products (see most recently 3.347 Mackerel & Steak Fries in Whitened Red Curry); it was still hot but not deadly, perhaps because it was meant to be more Indian than Sri Lankan.  By the way, I don't know why I keep making these Sri Lankan curries with mackerel and potatoes. 

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