4.103 Hayashi Rice with Pan-Grilled Chicken & Peppers, Oak Mushrooms, and Chick Peas

-Cycle 4, Item 103-
18 (Thu) April 2013

Hayashi Rice with Pan-Grilled Chicken & Peppers, Oak Mushrooms, and Chick Peas


by me

at home

-Oksu, Seoul-

with Wife, Dominic, and Becca

For a very special dinner guest at our home this evening, I made hayashi rice (see most recently 3.362 Beef Hash Rice).  Number One Fan Lisa's daughter Becca was staying for a sleepover with Dominic.  Knowing that Becca isn't the most enthusiastic eater, I took it as a challenge.  In previous experiences with feeding kids not my own, kids with varying preferences and degrees of finicky, hayashi rice had always done the trick; the dish, basically consisting of meat and veggies in brown sauce mixed with rice, seems to work because nothing about it stands out, nothing for a kid to complain about: the components are pleasantly soft, the blended flavors are safely savory (i.e., no "weird" spices), and everything together is very to easy to eat out of a bowl with a single spoon.  Alas, it didn't work this time.  Becca just looked at it and, for whatever reason, refused even to try it.  In fairness, she eventually did manage to down about 5 small bites when I directly fed it to her, but clearly she didn't dig it.  Oh well.  Sorry, Lisa, but I tried my best.

Maybe I'd tried too hard.  I went to the extra effort of first pan-grilling the chicken and red bell peppers before adding them to the mix, which imparted a layer of rich smokiness to the profile.  The oak mushrooms provided a deep earthiness.  The chick peas contributed a bit of sweet nuttiness.  That all may have gone against the aforementioned "nothing about it stands out" simplicity of the dish in its more basic form.  

In any case, everyone else at the table liked it just fine.


  1. i warned you about her finicky-ness. anyway thanks for trying and becca had a great time notwithstanding the dinner. that spinny-thing is her new favorite object at a playground (first discovered in hong kong, never seen one in the US).

  2. i'm thinking that it wouldn't have mattered what i'd made.

    anyway, yes, the sleepover wasn't above the food--my food, that is--so long as they had a good time, that's what matters.

    they used to have those spinning things in the states when i was a kid. i can see though why they got rid of them. they're kinda dangerous, and at the very least make a person uncomfortably dizzy.