4.113 Frutti di Mare Pizza

-Cycle 4, Item 113-
28 (Sun) April 2013

Frutti di Mare Pizza


at The Corner Kitchen

-Oksu, Seoul-


The Corner Kitchen, my favorite local restaurant and perhaps my favorite pizza joint in the entire city, even though I haven't had the pleasure in over 6 months (see most recently 3.260 Pizza Insalata), has expanded its menu to include several new pizzas and pastas.  

Unfortunately, this Frutti di Mare Pizza wasn't that great.  For one thing, it's not so much a seafood pizza    as it is a cephalopod pizza, mostly squid and octopus, plus a couple pieces of scallop, and by "couple" I really mean like "two."  Furthermore, none of it was properly if at all seasoned; unseasoned squid and octopus, and scallops, are kinda gross, all rubbery and flavorless.  For the first time in my life, I asked for salt and sprinkled it on a pizza--come to think of it, I can't a single instance of ever adding salt to a restaurant dish.  On a positive note, I liked the cheeseless aspect, giving the pie a light feel--personally, I don't really dig seafood and cheese together anyway.  And of course, the crust itself remains the best Napoli-style crust in the city.  Overall, however, it's the first pizza from this restaurant that I didn't thoroughly enjoy.  

After such a long absence, the owner seemed genuinely happy to see me.  But then, very enthusiastically, knowing how big a fan I am of his food in general, he asked what I thought about the new pizza.  He's never asked me to comment directly on a particular item.  I told him more-or-less what I write above.  Although he thanked me for my honesty, he looked rather disappointed, maybe even a bit sad, that I didn't gave it a rave.  Oh well.

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