4.146 Oyakodon

-Cycle 4, Item 146-
31 (Fri) May 2013



at Daikyo

-Oksu, Seoul-


Oyakodon (see generally Wikipedia on oyakodon) is a type of donburi (see generally 2.320 Gyudon).  The essential components are chicken chunks and scrambled egg.  Cutely enough, "oyako" = "parent (oya)" + "child (ko)."  Along with gyudon (beef) and katsudon (see generally 3.152 Katsudon) (pork), oyakodon (chicken) is the third member of the donburi trinity--personally, my favorite of the three, hands down.  

Come to think of it, while the chicken-egg combination works so seamlessly well together in this dish, the pairing doesn't seem to be very common in other dishes in other cuisines--off the top of my head, nothing comes to mind.  

The commercial center for the new Raemian apartment complex up on the hill, along the street heading down towards Hannam-Dong; most of the building is still empty.

With Oksu-Dong undergoing massive redevelopment for the past couple years, long-time residents are faced with bad news and good news.  The overwhelming bad news is that traffic is becoming monster, not to mention all those pains-in-the-ass newcomers acting like they own the neighborhood.  The glimmer of good news, at least for me, is that new restaurants keep popping up here and there, though of course most of them haven't been that great (see for example 4.139 Vancouver-Style Sundubu Jjigae with Mushrooms), certainly not worth the monster traffic and asspain newcomers.

The decor is postmodern wooden jail.

Daikyo is a casual Japanese restaurant.  It's one of the aforementioned new restaurants.  The oyakodon that I'd ordered was utterly meh--for starters, the dashi broth was so overdone that it smelled kinda fishy, even before I tasted it--but the other dishes that we got were much better, maybe even worth a return visit.  Then again, the prices were astronomical--a total bill of 39,000 won for 2 noodle dishes, 1 rice dish, no beverages--so maybe not.  The cost of gentrification.

 This cold soba noodle soup, similar to a dish from elsewhere that I recently covered (see 4.097 Jangban Memil Guksu), was actually very very good.

4.145 The TGV Cafeteria Meal

-Cycle 4, Item 145-
30 (Thu) May 2013

The TGV Cafeteria Meal


at Seoninjae (선인재)
(Ajou University School of Medicine Student Cafeteria)

-Suwon, GyeongGi-


I'm floored by the realization, coming just now as I write this post, that tonight's meal is the first time in over a year and a half that I've eaten dinner at my school cafeteria.  As I was eating, I could recall distinctly that the last post was titled something along the lines of "The Final Cafeteria Meal of [year]" but would've sworn on the souls of my grandchildren that the year had been 2012 (see 2.343 The Final Cafeteria Dinner of 2011).  A few days ago, experiencing exactly the same kind of thing at a neighborhood restaurant, I compared my growing desensitization to the passage of time to the sensationlessness of riding the TGV (see 4.140 The VIP Cut).  Scary.

Coincidentally, ironically, or maybe it's just that the cafeteria's executive chef has a limited repertoire, the meal here is essentially the same as it was before, both in quality and content [clockwise from bottom right]: kimchi sundubu soup, steamed rice, soy-chili braised mackerel and radish, ggagdugi (radish kimchi), broccoli & artificial crab salad, bean sprout namul.  

4.144 Seven-Layer Burrito featuring Lemon Beef & Butter Asparagus

-Cycle 4, Item 144-
29 (Wed) May 2013

Seven-Layer Burrito featuring Lemon Beef & Butter Asparagus


by me

at home

-Oksu, Seoul-


Getting closer.  The seven layers included (1) refried beans, (2) steamed rice, (3) lemon beef--the same meat as before (see 4.135 Wraps: Pan-Grilled Lemon Ribeye in Red-White Dressing) but minced and sautéed to soften both texture and taste, (4) sour cream and chives, (5) shredded iceberg lettuce, (6) asparagus sautéed in butter, and (7) Kirkland-brand salsa.  Next time, if I apply this basic formula but substitute shrimp for the beef and broccoli for the asparagus (see for example 1.296 Shrimp & Broccoli Burrito), I may finally achieve burrito perfection.  

As of today, I'm changing the rating system to a 4.0 standard.  As time allows, I'll also be going back and converting ratings in previous posts, one by one.

4.143 Poulet Poêlé à l'Estragon in Cream Sauce with Green Beans

-Cycle 4, Item 143-
28 (Tue) May 2013

Poulet Poêlé à l'Estragon in Cream Sauce with Green Beans


by me

at home

-Oksu, Seoul-

with Dominic and Ian

Confirmed, poulet poêlé definitely works.  

However, the attempted short cut of simply adding cream to the drippings, rather than whipping up a gravy as before, thereby saving about 20 seconds and 1/2 tablespoon of corn starch, was a wash, literally, as the sauce turned out watery. 

I'm still looking for a proper accompaniment.  The green beans here were okay, but they didn't sop up the sauce and wouldn't have fared much better in a thicker gravy.