4.125 Bossam

-Cycle 4, Item 125-
10 (Fri) May 2013



at Seolmaene

-Sinsa, Seoul-

with Wife, Mom and Dad, and various paternal-side relatives

The family wanted to have dinner with Keith again while he was still in town.  Whereas our first two meetings had involved home-cooked meals (see most recently 4.124 Beef Shabuki), we went out this time. Exercising his rights as the family patriarch, my father unilaterally decided on Seolmaene, which I was going to suggest anyway, it being one of my favorite Korean restaurants in the area (see generally 2.248 Mandu Jeon-Gol).  With a small yet diverse menu ranging from comfort grub to court cuisine, all well prepared and immaculately presented, reasonably priced, prompt and polite service, down-to-earth atmosphere, it's a nice alternative to Korean BBQ when hosting out-of-towners.  In fact, I took Keith there for dinner on a prior visit many years ago.  In fact, my most recent visit was with Number One Fan Lisa (see 3.007 Nokdu Bindae Jeon).  Then again, Lisa hadn't been very impressed, expressing disappointment that the nokdu bindae jeon weren't as good as I'd described them on the blog.  Keith, on the other hand, as usual, said nothing about the food, just ate a lot of it.

The tangpyeongchae--awesome as ever.

The nokdu bindae jeon--good as ever.

The boiled mandu--blah as ever.

Having discussed other dishes in previous posts, I now present the bossam (see generally 1.157 Bossam with Garlic Chives).  It's one of the few items here that I've never liked very much.  The meat was a bit dry in texture and a bit porky in aftertaste, while the kimchi was a bit too sweet in flavor and not enough bite.  I mean, it's not bad as far as bossam goes--it's still good enough for 4 stars--but I'd rather eat other things on the menu.

As I mentioned in my first post on this place, it's a classic example of the Ajeossi Bellwether Standard.

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