4.141 Mul Naeng Myeon

-Cycle 4, Item 141-
26 (Sun) May 2013

Mul Naeng Myeon


at Pyongyang Myeonok

-Jangchung, Seoul-

with Wife, Dominic, Ian, and Nanny 8

Apparently, my views on mul naeng myeon (MNM) continue to evolve.  In the blog's first post on the subject, I described how I'd been a proponent of the Hamheung style during my youth, as most young people are, but eventually became a convert to the Pyongyang style later on, as most old people are (see 1.188 Mul Naeng Myeon); in fact, that post was in reference to the MNM at this restaurant's branch in Sinsa-Dong.  Then, in a subsequent post about the restaurant's main location, here, I rated the noodles as "okay, not quite dough-in-water, but close" (see 1.286 Mul Naeng Myeon).  On this third occasion, I found myself enjoying Pyongyang Myeonok's MNM very much.  I've come to appreciate the ultra light broth, even though I still prefer the ever-so-slightly richer broth from Eulmildae (see 4.071 Mul Naeng Myeon(this is me eating self-served crow).  Maybe I'll come to favor the lighter broth someday (this is me covering my ass preemptively).

Hanging on the wall at the entrance is a huge framed blowup of an article from the Chosun Ilbo dated 4-5 June 2011 that conducted surveys concerning naeng myeon restaurants in Seoul.  According to a whopping 50 people originally from Pyeongan-Do, the province where Pyongyang is located, Pyongyang Myeonok ranked #1.  ASAP, I'm going to check out the other restaurants on the list, including #2 Eulji Myeonok, #3 Pyeonglaeok, #4 Woo Lae Ok--I've been to the secondary location (see 3.048 Mul Naeng Myeon) but not yet the original--#5 (tied) Nampo Myeonok and Pil-Dong Myeonok--which I've been to but didn't really concentrate on the naeng myeon (see 2.201 Mandu Guk).  Separately, a whopping 50 people from Hamgyeong-Do, where Hamheung is located, ranked their favorite places, though I don't see myself going anywhere near them, at least not on purpose.  A third survey, this one comprising "office workers" of unknown number/demographics, ranked Woo Lae Ok #1, Pyongyang Myeonok #3, Eulmildae #4, Pil-Dong Myeonok #5, Nampo Myeonok and Bongpiyang #6, along with various Hamheung joints in between.  That's 8 Pyongyang-style restaurants total.  Stay tuned.

The parking structure.

That eobok jaengban may be the most expensive single dish that I've seen on any Korean menu anywhere (curiously, memil (메밀) (buckwheat) is the only listed ingredient that's revealed to be sourced from China).

Is Korea the only country that does this?

The entrance, including a pile of radishes right in front of the men's room, all about class.

Inside, no frills.


  1. the radishes-by-the-bathroom-on-the-ground thing, i truly truly will never understand. patrons just don't need to see that much.

  2. u make it sound like "radishes-by-the-bathroom-on-the-ground" is a regular thing.