4.164 Scampi with 3D Mash in Shrimp-Bay Sauce

-Cycle 4, Item 164-
18 (Tue) June 2013

Scampi with 3D Mash in Shrimp-Bay Sauce


by me

at home

-Oksu, Seoul-

with Wife, Dominic, Ian

NC got me a box of frozen shrimp, the same stuff that he uses to make various appetizers at his bar Flux Pub (see generally 3.182 Latin-American Spicy Wings...).  From Vietnam.  Peeled, tail-on.  Huge.  At cost, a major bargain at 38,000 won for 1.8 kg (about 2,100 won per 100 grams).  That's what friends are for, especially friends in the food & bev industry.

3D mash = mashed potatoes with 3 types of dairy: milk, butter, heavy cream.  I'm still playing around with the proportions.  Stay tuned for a recipe.

Shrimp-bay sauce = shrimp tails boiled with bay leaves and aromatics for about an hour to make a stock, then added to the skillet (used to sear the shrimp) along with the fond (from the shrimp) and reduced to make a pan gravy.  

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