4.169 Mandu-Mushroom Guk

-Cycle 4, Item 169-
23 (Sun) June 2013

Mandu-Mushroom Guk


by me

at home

-Oksu, Seoul-

with Wife, Dominic, Ian

While I've made this dish before (see generally 1.323 Ddeok Mandu Guk), tonight's rendition differs significantly on two counts.  

First, I made the mandu myself.  Inspired by my ongoing search of the best Pyeongyang-style mul naeng myeon at various northern-style Korean restaurants in Seoul (see most recently 4.165 Pyeonglaeok...), where mandu is often on the menu--mandu being a northern thing (see generally 1.067 Mandu Jeon-Gol)--I gave it a stab.  Mandu is so simple in essence--pork, tofu, mung bean sprouts, scallions, onions/garlic/ginger (maybe), salt/pepper--that it's easy to approximate but difficult to perfect; I'm still in the early approximation phase.  I'll work towards developing a recipe.  

Second, in making the soup, I tried a new beef broth concentrate product by the company Dasida.  Offered in both pure beef and beef bone varieties, I used the pure beef stock here.  It was light in texture yet rich in flavor but slightly artificial in aftertaste--overall, not too bad though, certainly worth keeping on hand.  

I should do a taste test between the bone stocks of Dasida and Ottogi.

Pure beef (bottom box, left capsule), beef bone (top box, right capsule).


  1. Oooh i like the broth concentrate thing but isn't dashida known for beef-or-anchovy-flavored msg products? gotta bring some back with me on my next korea trip (september). have not seen those things here yet.

  2. yes, of course, dasida is famous for its powdered beef bouillon, so famous that the brand name has de facto been genericized to stand for any artificial/powdered flavor enhancer.

    i find it hard to believe that a product like this, being so major, would not immediately be available at all/most of the big stores in k-town.

    a recent episode of master chef korea had an elimination challenge featuring the product. they're way overdoing to sponsorship thing; the week before, it was canola oil--what the fuck kind of challenge is that???!!

  3. seriously, how long have the concentrates been around in Korea? i'm sure i've never seen them here! of course there is the powdered version that's been around for decades.