4.242 Engawa Nirigi Sushi

-Cycle 4, Item 242-
4 (Wed) September 2013

Engawa Nirigi Sushi


from E-Mart (Seongsu) [ready-to-go]

at home

-Oksu, Seoul-

with Wife

While engawa remains my favorite fish/cut for sushi, I've been growing increasingly dissatisfied with the ready-to-go offerings at E-Mart (see most recently 3.101 Engawa & Sake Nigiri Sushi).  For the obvious reasons, sloppily made by god-knows-who in the back the kitchen, with fish of god-knows-what-quality, sitting out under wraps for god-knows-how-long, it just doesn't taste very good.  Safety is also probably an issue.  I'm finding it hard to remember why I ever used to get it.  Anyway, this will be last. 

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