4.255 Sake & Shime Saba Oshizushi

-Cycle 4, Item 255-
17 (Tue) September 2013

Sake & Shime Saba Oshizushi


from ?

at HS/YH's home

-Oksu, Seoul-

with Wife, Ahn HY + Kim IT, Han CY + Hwang SE, Kim KH, Lee HS + Yun YH, MtG, Yong I

Return to Svelte and Splendor: Day 13 (see generally 4.243 Pan-Grilled Chicken Breasts...).

Oshizushi is a type of Japanese sushi.  Unlike the more famous nigirizushi, which is made in individual pieces by pressing a slice of raw fish onto a bite-sized ball of vinegared rice, oshizushi involves packing the components into a rectangular mold to form a long block, removing the box, then slicing the block cross sectionally into individual pieces.  It's a specialty of Osaka.

Another impromptu get-together at HS & YH's apartment (see previously 4.244 Stir-Fried Chicken Breasts & Cabbage).

Yong I brought the oshizushi from some place that's reputedly one of the best in the city for Osaka-style cuisine.  I can't recall the name of the place.

The roll with shimesaba was excellent.  Made in-house, the mackerel was perfectly cured, not too salty, not too sour.  It was topped further with a thin slice of marinated seaweed, something that I've never seen before, which added a bit of chewiness and brininess to each bite.  Good stuff.  I should definitely try the food at the restaurant.

For the remaining duration of this initial phase--5 days left, but really only 2--I'll continue with the chicken breasts, little if any sweet potatoes, a lot of veg, reasonable amounts of salt and fat, at least when I'm doing the cooking.  It'll still be boring but not apologetically so, I hope.  

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