4.257 Chuseok à la Chinoise

-Cycle 4, Item 257-
19 (Thu) September 2013

Chuseok à la Chinoise


by Mom and Aunt Helena

at the cabin

-Hoengseong, Gangwon-

with The Family, The Folks, maternal-side relatives

My mother--who's the de facto family matriarch, even though her older brother is the boss de traditio--decided to gather everyone at our cabin for Chuseok.

For some reason, she also decided to serve Chinese food on the Korea's  most iconic food holiday of the year--totally weird.

I used to eat Chinese takeout on American Thanksgiving back in college, but that was a political statement.  To distance myself from the inherent absurdity/hypocrisy of the holiday--not as dumb as Columbus Day, though much more insidious--the idea of the personal rebellion was to eat something, all by my lonesome, that had nothing to do with turkey or traditional notions of white-washed Americana; post 9/11, I'd go with Middle Eastern.  Thankfully, living in Korea, I don't need to deal with such bullshit.  

So long as I'm on the subject, I wonder if Jewish-Americans living abroad eat Chinese on Christmas.

Having a priest in the family allows for mass on any occasion.

Anyway, fast forward to Chuseok 2013, the food ultimately kinda turned out tasting Korean because neither my mother nor my aunt, despite their valiant efforts, is particularly expert in the cuisine.   It was all pretty good and a welcome change from the typical stuff (see for example 4.256 Chuseok Eve Spread).

The cousins and I, as well as the wife, ranging in age from 25 (Tara) to 40 (me), and we're all still sitting at the kiddie table.

yangjangpi (2.5)

five-spice braised chicken salad (2.5)

black bean sauce crab (3.0)

beef and green beans (2.0)

shrimp and bell peppers (1.5)

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