4.279 Pork & Mushroom Adobo with Sinangag

-Cycle 4, Item 279-
11 (Fri) October 2013

Pork & Mushroom Adobo with Sinangag


by me

at home

-Oksu, Seoul-


From The Adobo Road Cookbook (ARC), this is the 3rd full dish attempted (see previously 4.277 Filipino Spaghetti(ni)), an adaption/redo of the 1st recipe featured a few days ago (see 4.276 Classic Chicken Adobo...).

Essentially the same thing as before but with a few changes.  Instead of chicken thighs, pork shoulder.  Turned out dry.  Added shiitake mushrooms.  Okay.  This time, I followed the cookbook's suggestion to let the adobo sit overnight, allowing the flavors to meld and be absorbed by the meats and vegetables.  Plus a teaspoon of sugar to further cut the acidity.  Not a sea change but a notable improvement, better balance.   Next time with less vinegar.  And pork belly.  Cooked longer.  I'm getting closer.

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